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Resin Button

Resin Button

Feature: rich effects, abundant designs, decorative patterns
USE: Suitable for all kinds of situations, such as handicraft production, clothing sewing, DIY projects, collectibles, fabrics, scrapbook decoration, etc.
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White Polyester Lace

Lace is generally found in clothing, underwear, home textiles above. Lace lace is thin and has a strong sense of layering. Summer underwear is often lace lace as the theme. The lace on the clothing can also create a sweet feeling.
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About Us

Our company runs business mainly in garments accessories for more than 10 years, as lace, button, zipper, tape, thread, lable and so on. We get stronger and stronger by providing our good quality and service to clients, and particularly acting our major role by having a strict watch quality during the production;